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*~V~* (velvet26)
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Coastal area South Carolina
February 23
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
To love... is to let your soul open up and feel the magic in your heart.

~Smile... someone thinks it is beautiful on you~

~ Sharing your Smile, Heart & Love Makes a World of Difference~

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5 ft 3in.
Butt length dark brunette hair
what it is today, will be gone tomorrow and back again one day...
Blackfoot Indian & Swedish
Middle of the Road
Men of Course!
wife and mom... what more can I say?
All grown up... Now have 3 little Yorkies to watch over. :)
~Friends are the best gift to have~

Love grows from within and blossoms into something beautiful when shared with others. :o)


John Jakes & Auto-biographies
anything to do with "ANGELS"
Good housekeeping when I have time to look at a magazine.
Local paper sometimes
Oh ziggy, shoe, marmaduke... I love a variety of comics.
The Godfather, City of Angels, Jaws, Backdraft, Disney Movies
Judging Amy, CSI, ER, Survivor, anything I am in the mood for.
Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, John Travolta, Tommy Lee Jones
Rock, pop & country
So many to list... gotta love a variety.
I like football when my team is winning. LOL
Mountains are the Best & Beaches at Sunset.
Italian, Seafood and chocolate every once in awhile