Nutz4Perry (Debi1982)

Nutz4Perry (Debi1982)

Nutz4Perry (Debi1982)
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Bakersfield and I actually Love it here.
October 29
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Have I told you lately that Im Nutz4Perry?

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5' 7"
eeeeeeeeeeeew weeeeeeeeee
Im not sure anymore.........
Still sportin the puuuuuuuka shells
Rock on 82


American Iron.. (I tear out all the ads with Billy Lane in em) lol
Sunday (hehehehe)
I haven't read the comics sence Silly Puddy days!
Pretty in Pink ~ 16 Candles ~ Valley Girl ~ ~ A Sure Thing ~ Give me a minute, I'll think of some more..
Survivor and anything REALITY!
John Cusack ~ Patrick Dempsy ~ Mike Meyers (Funny is good)
Most of it...
(Im open , I do like alot of different bands and artists) But Journey holds a special spot in my heart.
Quiet, sandy, warm and relaxing....O and keep the cocktails coming!
Oh Yes, Pretty much daily,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL