Jim (JIM5627)

Jim (JIM5627)
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Alta Loma, California
September 27
Traffic Engineering
Semper Fidelis to God, Family, Country and Corps

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6' 1"
You don't want to know.
Christ Follower
Republican w/ common sense
Straight is great
Married for 43 years
One son, married, so I now have a daughter as well. He works at JPL and she's a psychiatric counselor. Our first grandson, Daniel James, was born on October 11, 2013. Twins, Noah and Abby were born on December 2, 2015.


Clancy, Cussler, LaHaye, Michener, Baldacci, Cornwell, WEB Griffin
The Source, Left Behind series
BMW Onwners News, AMA, National Geographic, Air and Space, Biblical Archeological Review, Consumer Report
Star Wars, Star Trek
NCIS, NCIS-New Orleans, NCIS-Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Hawaii 50, Big Bang Theory
There are only two, Country and Western
Motorcycle riding, Volleyball
Hawaii, Kenya, Europe, Australia, Israel
Mexican and exotic game meat (crocodile, eland, hartebeast, zebra, ostrich, gazelle, warthog, etc)

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