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Joaquin, Texas
September 13
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Educational Technology - RETIRED
V-STAR 1100 - Rejetted, Quiet Mod intallation

ROADLINER - upverted to a Stratoliner Deluxe. Almost actory everything other than the seat which is a Diamond Seat. Also converted the Yamaha sissy bar with its quick-release mounts to a trunk mount. I can easily remove my Tour-Pak trunk when I don't need it.

Optional items would be chrome "bomber" side items, and the Yamaha Touring bars. I removed my Barron's risers since the Yamaha Touring bars no longer made them necessary. Installed Buck's Lowers as well, also a Cobra Fatty bar. Removed the Yamaha side reflectors and installed Harley side reflectors. I like their look far better. Installed Yamaha saddlebag liners. I like them!

I also have removed the air filter's lid, thus exposing the air filter. It is held in place by the existing bolts with washers underneath.

I replaced the Deluxe Fairing shorty windshield with a 11" Clearview shield with its recurve. This, along with Buck's Lowers made all the difference.

Finally, I have installed the Yamaha Deluxe Fairing bug cover and sewed a Christian Motorcyclists Association patch on it.
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