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Enjoying what's left of life!! Making people laff or smile isn't a bad thing either. Would love to do more fishing....life seems to be more of a job anymore, but eh, it is what it is.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
Nothing, work is overrated
If I was smart enough to write something people would actually pay attention to.....I probably wouldn't need a job!!
The flow......I go with it

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Varies fro thin to muscular
If it fits, it's good
Religion oriented, but I'm a believer and I pray, so....
Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes...........hmmmmmmmm
I think everyone should stand at some point
I used have one. Some day I'll need a refresher course, lol!!
There's a legal document somewhere that says I am, but I'd never know it!! I suppose it's true since I pay for everything....
I have two beauties....and if they don't get jobs soon....I'll still pay for everything, lol
Bite me....but not too hard cause I bruise easily!!