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Once upon a time...

A young girl was abandoned on the steps of a Temple of Light and was taken in, raised by the priestesses, a happy child with many mothers. The death of one in particular struck her hard, instilling the desire to leave her safe haven and forge a life of her own.

She did not get her wish.

For a while, her strange affinity for healing and her musical talent kept her fed and clothed. She happened upon the city of Tyran...and that is where the epic tale of Shelzi truly begins.

Drawn to the Light, she began to serve in the Temple as a Priestess, then Head Priestess. Her battles against Evil and Chaos are too many to tell. She met Tom Nickleby, fell in love, was engaged and then married. Many men tried to steal her heart, but she was ever faithful.

A great disturbance came across the land, Shelzi was close to death and the Goddess of Light saw an opportunity and took it. In a move that saved Shelzi's life and allowed the current host of the Light deity to become mortal...the powers of Goddess were transferred. The Goddess Shelzi was born.

Shelzi served the Light as best she could, sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of others. It put a great strain on her marriage. For years she did what she could to balance her duties as wife and Goddess, but as the previous host before her...she secretly yearned for normalacy.

This is not to say there wasn't pleasure gained in her service to the Light. She made many friends, and although an orphan had many who would claim her as family. Her husband did not understand her faith or her willingness to put her own wishes below that of others. Ultimately...she didn't. She gave up godhood and bore him a set of twins...a boy and girl.

But cataclysm struck again, erasing the happy ending and hurtling the now moral Shelzi into a world she did not understand. Alone, her husband and children missing or dead, she tried to carve a new life for herself, never feeling entirely whole.

And then the world changed again. Baracus went the way of the Old Gods, his essence sent out to a chosen few and divided in new ways. Shelzi was asked to once again take up the mantel of divinity, to give up her humanity and serve the land in a way similiar to the past. It would come at a cost, there was always a price, but she accepted the honor and took on the burden.

And became the Goddess of Magic.

Much of her memories were lost or became blurred with the rise to divinity. A few faces remain, some names, and certain extraordinary events will never be forgotten. But in this time of transition, with so much knowledge and power taken on at one time, her mind had to make room.

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Obsidian with flecks of purple around the pupil
Ankle length, black with streaks of purple
Always wears loose, flowing gowns, and her hair hangs free down her back, the ends teasing her ankles. A faint luminescence resides within her skin so she seems to glow and her hair moves of its own accord, swaying and flowing even when the wind is utterly still.


A ring worn upon a thumb bearing the crest of the Blackraven family - a gift from Bruteus Lonewolf Blackraven that allows him to sense her emotions and track her should there ever be need.

A pewter piece threaded on a leather thong worn around her neck - a gift from Adrea, one of Dreanna's daughters, bearing the words, "Love, Dream, Believe."

A lovely lute gifted to her by Dark Silverblade. It's made from an exotic wood, the bowl gently curved like a woman's hip, and has a detailed, flowering vine etched into wood.

A silver mythril staff - an old gift from Arc Kaliba that simply showed up. It's original purpose had been to assist her in focusing her powers of Light.
She looks to Dreanna and the welfare of Tyran... She is the Goddess of Magic
Unknown any more
Unknown, many of her memories were blurred with the rise to divinity.
Unknown, although she believes she once had them.


All books contains inside their covers a wealth of information and entertainment.
All music is a joy to her ears, but if forced to choose then the sound of a well played lute would be her favorite.