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Oak Creek, WI, since April 2005. Maryland Heights, MO, the 21 years before that.
May 28
"Baseball. Cardinals baseball. What kind of kids love Cardinals baseball? Big kids, little kids, kids who climb on rocks. Fat kids, skinny kids, even kids with chicken pox love baseball, Cardinals baseball . . . the baseball kids love tonight."

Also, enjoy cycling (for entertainment purposes only) and hiking, taking in the sghts along the many Wisconsin trails.

Used to play 1860's vintage Base Ball. A gentleman's game back then; no spittin', no cussin', no scratchin', no leadin' off, no stealin', and no gloves.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
I'm a pretty fair Customer Service representative, mainly because I try to live up to a Roger Staubach quote that I use as a tagline; "There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."
"Roundin' Third and Headin' for Home!"
My first "ride" was a 1965 Mustang ragtop, with a V8 289 . Man, I miss that thing!
The only fantasy character roles that I put myself in would be that of tallymaster (scorekeeper) and crank (fan) while rolling games of REPLAY.

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5 foot 10 and a half. Would be 6 foot, but I was a premee.
Between 160 and 170; depends if I choose to exercise or not.
My drivers license says Green?
Is dirty blondish gray a color?
Forever in blue jeans and pissing off the locals by wearing anything St. Louis Cardinals; caps, polo shirts, a pull-over, jacket, or my Bob Gibson jersey. I'm in Brewer country (30 minutes from MIller Park) and on the fringe of Cub territory (an hour and a half from Wrigley).
Why yes, yes I very much believe in religion.
I'm proud to be an American, in a land I know that's free!
Feet apart a little more than shoulder width, knees bent just more than slightly, rocking forward on the balls of my feet with the release of the pitch. Have copied Ken Boyer's political stance in the infield ever since LIttle League.
Yes, I have been sexually oriented, and at times, disoriented.
Relatively speaking, I have a good relationship status with my relatives.
Yes, we have a son, Brian. Very proud of him. Lives in New Orleans. Despite the very limited, and rapidly deminishing, sexual orientation (per above) I wondered if he was conceived by Immaculate Reception. But, he looks like me and acts as goofy as I do. He's gotta be mine!
I don't believe in having a Personal Ad in the paper or online. My wife would either pull a Lorena Bobbitt or kill me. Aren't they kind of the same thing in the end?


Jim Bouton, Jim Brosnan, David Halberstam
"Ball Four", "The Long Season", "October 1964", "Stan the Man", by Wayne Stewart, "The Glory of Their Times"
"Field of Dreams", "Forest Gump", "It's a Wonderful Life"
Any St. Louis Cardinals telecast that I can find!, MLB Network, ESPN (most/some of the time), Reruns from the 60's
Blues, Classic Rock, Alternative
Uh, Baseball!, Did I mention Baseball?, I'd have to say Baseball
Duh! I bleed St. Louis Cardinals red!, St. Louis Blues, Green Bay Packers; especially since the Lambs (Rams) left St. Louis, Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, Marquette basketball, St. Louis U Billikens basketball, Mizzou Tigers (but, they are slowly falling out of favor)
I've gotten sunburned while on vacation, but I don't recall having come away with spots.
Breakfast anytime of the day.