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casual-jeans/cords and T-shirts or pullover shirts
dressy-dresses, from short to floor length gowns depending on occasion
-like V necks, sparkly designs or decoration
-love jewelry, mostly all real (occasionally costume) I have a very generous husband!
-night-time, baby dolls or nighties, no pajamas here!
-love pink, purple and red clothes particularly
Anglican (in US called Episcopalian I believe)
White, British background all the way back, married to a British man!


Jane Austen, Bronte Sisters, Ruth Rendell, P.D. James, J.D.Robb
British Mysteries, Other mysteries, History nonfiction, British history biography (not historical romances), No historical romances
Macleans, Time etc, BBC History, Royalty Magazine, Vogue
History, Comedy, Woody Allen
PBS shows, Documentaries
Cate Blanchett, Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweiger
Older R & B, Elvis, Orig. Rock & Roll
Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Motown, Beatles, John Lennon, Dusty Springfield, Whitney Houston, Elton John, of course Elvis!
Sailing, Nice long walks
Great Britain, Europe, here in Canada, some US cities
Chicken Kiev, Mild Indian food, BBQ's, Dark chocolate, most desserts!, Creme Brulee