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Chappie (B4CChaplain)
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October 19
Bus Driver
Stay Upright!
99 VStar 1100 customized custom / Dragstar

HP: 61.5 at the wheel ( has to be redone with new 429 cams)
TQ: 86.12 Ft lb at the wheel at 3500 RPM ( has to be redone with new 429 cams)

4” over (Forks by Frank) PCS / Progressive springs
5 1/4" black bullet Headlight by Demon Cycles
Ying yang Tacho via TimB
Front Hugger Fender by SS Cutom Cycles - Custom Cut design by me
Fork Flames by Udson in the UK – find him on delphi forums v star 1100
Spiked Oil Filler, Dash bolts, Valve Caps, Ignition key from "StarParts Original"

Stebel Electric Horns via local ebay
4" extensions on riders foot controls courtesy of SS Custom Cycles
Roland Sands 12" black Vintage mini apes (chimps)
Iso Grips, Cobra Boards, Flame Fuel cap, Flame Shaft cover and oil filter cover from various on forum

K&N Pod Filters under tank along with Dyna coils and race leads courtesy TimB @ metric magic
SS Custom 429 Cams (vroom vroom) :) :) :) :)
Flame oil Filter Cover by Adchrome
Eureka Stockade / Ned kelly "such is life" carb covers by Adchrome
2 into 2 braided brake lines via HEL
Dyna 3000 set at 7200 rpm with curve 5

New 05 Black motor due to flywheel issues........ Don't ask!
Barnett 64 Clutch kit
Painted cream - Candy Apple - Black / Red black pearl knicknamed "Coke". By Buddhas Motorcycle painting Slacks Creek Australia
cheap LED Carbon Fibre Black Arrow Indicators via ebay
Carby Jetting of: Mains - (F157.5 / R157.5) Pilots – 20 US Stock Needles - 2 Shims / PMS 2 1/2 Turns out (Maxair Thumbscrew)

Original Cut down Solo seat for round town or a stillhetto seat for daily riding or a Metcruze Tourmaster seat for touring.
Stillhetto and Metcruze covered in Komodo Dragon pattern leatherlyke....

Highway Hawk Pillion Extensions with standard pegs
465 Progressive Rear Shock - sscustoms
Rear Lowboy fender By SS Custom Cycles - Custom Cut design by me
Lowered 1 3/4 Inches Courtesy SS Custom Cycles

Custom made 2 into 1 Flame Exhausts (by fat Pipes) including Chrome flamed heat shields and muffler spike..... baffled with SS Wool
Classic brand Tow Bar Hitch from Australia

140,000 Klms of pure blissful riding and tinkering.

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6ft 1"
120 Kg
Bown and very long
Jeans and leather jacket
Jesus Freak!!
Aussie Aboriginal
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Whats that, hang on will ask my wife!
Married..... think
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Motorcycles of course
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Meat and veges or salad.... No sweets thanx!