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JOKER 32 (joker321968)

JOKER 32 (joker321968)
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Ono, Transylvania
September 25
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
Military Aviation
Don't judge your life on the past ten years. The next ten will be unrelated.
What's an RPG character? A guy who fires a rocket propelled grenade?

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200, give or take.
Hazel (Ain't that green & brown crap)
Damn near grey with some black
Love wild Hawaiian shirts, and am getting into shorts. Used to hate em'. Can't stand sandals.
More right than left but am pissed at them both.
Yes, I'd like to participate. Where do I go for the orientation?
Married to 3rd wife. Love her like crazy. First two made me crazy.
Boys: 33, 31 & 25. Girl 26.

Me: 63
SWM - 42. Seeking secure younger gal interested in debauchery.