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In the South
August 8
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
To the world you may be just one person, But to one person you might just be the world...

Sleepless nights,,,busy days,,,phone rings,,,house needs cleaning,,,the list goes on and on and yet,,,I have to tell you it is worth it all,,,my little girl has been the highlight of my life,,,I have a new respect for single parents,,,going to fill you on the days of cluey...I am currently in school earning my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Eduation...I am also teaching...My little girl is now in the Second grade she is really growing up quickly...It has been almost a year since I lost my grandma and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her...I realize how important it is to make the moments count in our lives and to let the people that you care about know how you feel don't take for granted that they know...

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five foot three
yeah right
dark green
It all depends on what I am doing at the moment...
I believe in God.
I vote for the candidate that represents the same views I have and believe. It isn't decided if they are male or female or how good looking they are it all depends on if they can be the leader that is required of them.
Looking for a happy ending..
I enjoy chatting with friends and living in the moment...I try to treat others how I like to be treated...I love football and nascar...I enjoy fishing, hiking, and going camping...One day I will try white water rafting...I think that family and friends are
very important and that you should let them know that you love and care for them each chance you get...take the time to stop and smell the flowers cause life passes so quickly and you never know if you will get that chance again...In my life its God, Family and Friends and as they say in Louisiana Let the Good Times Roll...Geaux Tigers and Vols...and in the NFL go Saints...


Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Danielle Steele, and LaVyrle Spencer
David, Daniel, The Battle Belongs to the Lord, Bitter Sweet, Morning Glory, Broken Promises,
Taste of the South, Paula Deen, Home Decorating, and Country Crafts
Garfield, Family Circus, and Kathy
Die Hard, Clear and Present Danger, The Rock, Rush Hour, Road House, Back Draft, Fire Proof, Dirty Dancing, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, While You Were Sleeping, Grumpy and Grumpier Old Men, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Daddy Daycare, Kindergarten Cop, Cinderlla, Dennis the Menace classic, The Little Mermaid, Miracle on 34th Street the B&W version, The Christmas Card, The Christmas Carol, The Christmas Shoes, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jingle All the Way, and all three Santa Clauses with Tim Allen
Criminal Minds, NCIS, Boston Legal, The Unit, According to Jim, and The Andy Griffith Show
Reese Witherspoon, Adam Sandler, Patrick Swayze, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford,
Country and 80's
Rascall Flatts, Diamond Rio, Montgomery Gentry, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Evans, Tim Mcgraw, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Def Leopard, and Joan Jett
Football, Nascar, Baseball
LSU, Vols, and Saints, Braves and Rockies
Gatlinburg, Gulf Coast, my dream vacation is to go to the Bahamas
Love that Cajun cookin and can't go wrong with Italian