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between here and there
May 20
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
All beside the river deep, a warrior there a vigil keeps. When the sun does rise and the day does break, the warriors say...the west is awake.

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Jeans and t-shirts (goes with anything)
I`ve heard of it. God is an imaginary friend for grownups.
American (dare I say sometimes)
Close off the borders, hang a no vacancy sign on the statue of liberty and FINALLY care for those in our streets in need (but that`s just me)
Straight (hate it when my personal space is invaded)
In a relationship
3 very cool little boys and 1 girl who will hopefully grow up making better choices than I.
Invest in Wal-Mart, they`re taking over the world.


Knights and tournaments, warfare of the middle ages, Chivalry in the 14th century
are good for cleaning the windows of your car
Kingdom of Heaven, Knight`s Tale, Excalibur, First Knight, Henry V, Hamlet, 3 Musketeers
Television is for those who have no ability to think for themselves
Depends on the movie, there are alot of good actors and actresses out there.
Anything not rap or attempting to sing about killing your mother or 27 people on a bus in west texas.
80s hair metal, Garth Brooks, Meatloaf, 7 nations, Clandestine, Bad Haggis
SCA heavy combat (trust me its a sport)
Pennsic, Gulf Wars
Hamburgers (they`re a food group by themselves) Seafood, Chinese, Mexican