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In da north...nuff said!!
July 12
I come to chat to see friends!!! Nothing more, Nothing less!!

SO in other words I am not interested in what you have to offer!!

To all my may not see me around as often as I am very busy with real life and going back to school. Leave me a message if ya need to get a hold of me and I will get back to you eventually.

I find it amusing that some people in chat have SOOOOOOOO many insecurities about themselves and their so called friends. I sometimes wonder why people thrive on drama...don't they have real lives that create enough drama that have to resort being cyber bullies? Why not act like adults and quit acting like teenage high schoolers? Sometimes I wonder if there is common sense in this world!!

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Brown w/ highlights
casual and comfy
I believe in god isn't that good enough...
Heinz 57
Politicians are all corrupt....need I say more....
Only the Poles...
Enjoying the love of my life! The spice of my life!
2 beautiful Adults! Love em with every bit of my being!
No need to advertise a thing here...cuz I am not looking for a thing.


James Patterson, Tami Hoag
I love to read and suspense it my favorite genre
Calvin & Hobs
Good Morning Vietnam, Grease, Goonies, Love animation movies
CSI any of em
adult alternative, country, anything but rap really...
To many to list
Softball and Volleyball
any ethnic foods