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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 15
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Blissfully retired translator
God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy.
Two up on my late Mack's BMW R1200GS

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Jeans and cowboy boots
Progressive Christian
Irish, French, Hobbit
Scraping my pegs way left
Blissfully married to Big Mack Beemer for the five wonderful years we were together before he was recalled by the manufacturer.
Six pussy cats over the rainbow bridge.


Camus, Malraux, Mordecai Richler, Stephanie Brush
Very favorite: Men, an Owner's Manual (Stephanie Brush)
Moto Journal, Real Simple, The New Yorker
The Montreal Gazette
Calvin and Hobbes (RIP), Real Life Adventures, Get Fuzzy
Air Force One, Witness, The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming
Countdown with Keith Olbermann (RIP), PBS cooking shows
I act all the time. So far, it's worked.
Classic rock, Southern rock, Classical, Blues, Jazz
AC/DC, SRV, ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker, Boz Scaggs, Bach, Beethoven, Handel (especially his Water Music)
Motorcycle riding. Presently bikeless., Working out
A team of one at the gym. And so far, I'm winning.
The wide open road
Italian is my favorite, but I'll eat (and cook) just about anything.