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PSALM 91:24/7
Psalm 94: THE HOUR in which we live.
Way, WAY AHEAD of the slandering mob.

It's grace AND Truth...Truth AND grace. - one without the other is a travesty of Christ and HIS Way. - LEARN THIS LESSON WELL.
Balance, perseverance, and FERVENT LOVE is the very essence of spirituality and living IN CHRIST.

CHRIST Is The Way to be reconciled to GOD; THE TRUTH how to live in The Kingdom; and THE LIFEternaL of GOD, ... once you have *truly* received Him.


The person who thinks they are righteous-enough to stand before GOD *on their own merit and record,* has a FOOL for an advocate.


Christ/Messiah came to save sinners, lost & ruined, ... but you must willingly repent & RECEIVE HIM in order to secure that offered salvation, - purchased at a price beyond measure. ... Grace is ANYTHING BUT CHEAP, ... to the one WHO OFFERS IT.

In today's 'brave new world,' EVERYBODY "justifies" themselves, ... almost no one ever gets honest or real about THEIR OWN wrongdoing. (much less to they ever bother actually *apologizing for it.* - it is the result of an atrocious, HORRIBLE sin of pride. ~ Lenbenhear
those who slander and accuse others: do satan's work for him. ... the wages are NOT good.
and there are MANY people obsessed with slander and personal attacks on the internet: BE VERY VERY SURE you are NOT one of them.

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comfortable nonconformist.
Universal Spirit-filled, Spirit-led CHRISTIAN.
tribe of Judah.
JESUS IS KING. the rest is superflous.
happily married.
2. grown.
READ THE BIBLE. ... better yet: LIVE the SPIRIT of THE TRUTH. - "CHRIST IN you, - your hope of glory."


TOZER. RAVENHILL. Randy Alcorn. Max Lucado. Shakespeare. Dylan Thomas. Isaiah; Solomon; Job; and David. many others.
Dilbert. B.C.
Brando. Sean Penn. Nick Nolte. Russell Crowe.
Christian. Classics. light jazz.
Marty Goetz. Paul Wilbur. Don Moen. Terry MacAlmon. Slater Armstrong. ... many others.
Where THE LORD gives me rest. He IS YahOvah-Shalom.
CLEAN as opposed to unclean