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Sterling Heights, Michigan (N.E. Detroit area)
April 2
Bowhunting Deer and any Big Game I can get a chance License for. Guns all of them. Speed Shooting IPSC and PPC Target
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
If anyone needs any vinyl lettering, stickers or printing... Pretty much if it's printed we do it just ask.
I Volunteer at my old type work at a new place, few days a week trying to get back to work... Accident put me out and my business is gone.(Vinyl Graphics/Signs/Printing).

Was a driver that doesn't pay attention pulled out in front of me. In Police report he says he seen me but thought he could make it too the fruit market pulled across three lanes and curb parking lane into driveway of bar restaurant..Fruit Market blocks away-Don't we learn in drivers ed pull into the first lane not drive across multiple lanes. Have to look in all directions and read there mind. Ride Safe..
Shoot Fast, Shoot First, Shoot Safe.
Commander II Rear 200/55 R17
Pilot Rear on front
09' Stratoliner, Silver/White, Reckless Fairing Infinity Bluetooth Marine Stereo, 12 volt lighter, USB and Aux. Ports - one switch for fairing power, HD Tour Box Wrapped in Leather - passing lamps - upgraded lights to PIAA's, Bright Lights switch mod.,(HI & Low On with Hi Selected)
Kisan SM-4, Roadhouse slip-on, K & N Air filter cover off mod.

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