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Not so Short
Not so Heavy
"You can't beat pink, pal!" - Regis Philbin
Let My Light So Shine So That Others Might See Jesus In Me
A little bit of this and a little bit of that a.k.a. I'mma mutt
I vote for the candadite not the party. I strongly believe that the office of President should be respected no matter who holds the office.
Status: Denied
Children are wonderful miracles from God and should be treated as such.
Confidence is what makes a girl sexy... A southern accent doesn't hurt much either!


[12:08pm] WILDTRENDZ: youre gold Erin you know that.

[8:33pm] Meaty: ((((( Erin's Badonkadonk )))))

[11:24pm] Jake: I dub thee Miss badonkadonk!!!

[6:50pm] ExplodedWhale: watches doc (DocCollins74) dance like he's got ants in his pants and sing "she bang she bang oh baby when she move she move!"

[8:17pm] OldGent: The compatibility between JihadInMyPants RiCaN_PaPi is 98% :love:

[2:36am] OldGent: The compatibility between HONEYCHURCH and blackhawk49 is 97% :love:

[2:34pm] Emma-: i do not have a boyfriend

[9:37pm] * LdyBug23 spits at the BigDICK