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living on a hell mouth
July 16
is sex a hobby?
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
i teach salsa dancing to meth addics, they got the energy, but they lack focus
you can die covered in your own blood, or be reborn covered in someone else's ,,,,, someday this pain will be useful to you,,,, SOME MEN ARE BORN DICKS,,, OTHERS HAVE DICKS THRUST UPON THEM,,,, you want safe sex?, go #### yourself,,, you know what the chain of comand is?, its the chain i beat you with till you know whos in charge here,,,,losers always whine about ''doing they'er best'', winners go home and #### the prom queen,,,i got the pistol, so i got the pasos,,, there no such things as lesbians, just women who havent met me yet,,, god gave men brains bigger then a dogs so they wont hump peoples legs at cocktail parties....dont stop dont talk do not #### with me,,,,I got soul but i
m not a soldier......any job worth doing,is worth doing drunk,,,,,come down off your cross, build a bridge,AND GET OVER IT,,,,,they is notting that cant be fixed with the liberal applcation of duct tape.....
die die die you P.O.S ford,,, got a chevy now
happy endings are just stories that arent finished yet,,, your hurting me,and i like it,,,of all the things i'v lost, i miss my mind the most........four star mary,,,,,feeling i'v been lost for years,you can never undersatnd me unless you seen those tears,but you never get to sleep when i'm away i dont mind the deeper that you lay out of time, pain i cant sleep.running running from those days theres an other one inside of me. i guess i'v gone insane, but you always run away when i come around i dont mind.the day i track you down, pain i cant sleep,dont stop dont talk do not #### with me, dont stop dont talk do not #### with me.koaded loaded up this gun, theres a killer in me, hoping hoping your the one.but you always run away when i come around, i dont mind, the day i track you down terrify. pain i cant sleep...........there ought to be a town somewhere named for how i feel,i could be the mayor down there saying welcome to sorryville, it wouldnt be on a map nowhere, you might say it dont exist, but if you make enough wrong turns it'll be hard to miss, there ought to be a bridge somewhere they can dedicate to me, i'll come to the ceremony with a can of gasoline,walk over to the other side and there i'll light a match, sit a stare threw the smoke and flames wondering how am i going to get back?, why do i do the things i do, was i born this way am i a self made fool i shoot the lights and i cruse the dark i need your love but i break your heart, and i know the words that will bring you back but i dont say nothing as i watch you pack, i had to work to be the jerk i'v come to be, it aint easy being me......i died many years ago, you can make it feel like it isnt so and why you come to be with me i think i finally know,mmm-mmm, your scare ashamed of what you feel, and you cant tell the ones you love you know they couldnt deal, whisper in a dead mans ear it doesnt make it real, thats great but i dont wannna play,cause being with you touches me more then i can say,but since i'm only dead to you i'm saying stay away and let me rest in peace, let me rest in peace let me gets some sleep, let take my love and burry it in a hole six foot deep, i can lay my body down but i cant find my sweet release, so let me rest in peace, you know you got a willing slave, you may even play the part you may misbehave, untill you do i'm telling you stop visitin my grave, and let me rest in peace, i know i should go, but i'll follow you like a man possessed, theres a trader here beneath my breast and it hurts me more then you'ld ever guess, if my heart could beat it would break my chest,but i can see your unimpressed so leave me be. and let me rest in peace let me get some sleep let me take my love and burry it in a hole six foot deep, i can lay my body down but i can find my sweet release, so let me rest in peace, why wont you let me rest in peace,,,,,,,, BAKERBUTT HAS MORE FOOTBALL KNOWLAGE THEN ME!!!

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more then a loaf of bread
is naked a statement?
do i have to?
welsh and hungarian,,,,, makes me well hung
you cant fix stupid,,, but you can vote it out of office
yes on the bed, in the shower, on the hood of a car, outside on the grass, in a hot tub, on the kitchen table, standing up aginst the wall, on a balcony in the rain, at a baseball game, on a sky tram at six flags,,,,,, wait,,,, what was the question again?
yes,, with some tarter sause and lemon,tastyyyyy
we're all free men protected by the consitution, you look anywhere you want chief,,,,,,, it's curtains for you, lacie gently wafting curtains.... the ordinary man spends his life avoiding tense situations, repo man spends his life getting into tense situations,,,,,you got guts, i'd like to slice you open and play with them


i am un-litarate,,, i can read, i just dont want to
see above
penthouse hot letters