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November 10
Sports, outdoors, travel, discovery, adventure, spontaneous enjoyment of the simple things
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Contractor, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Discoverer , LifeParticipant
Know yourself then find what you seek in others...

Before you attempt to judge another, contemplate their journey, the one that places them in the position for those decisions

Public service shouldn't be a for profit endeavor

Cast your eyes upon another and see the wonder and uniquely special quality of them
Two 06 Strat S's modified a little, Cummins diesel QuadCab 4X4, Magnum SRT8, Chrysler

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Salt n pepper
What you see should reflect the inner you...lose facades and relax
I have one, but majority is Norwegian, Swedish, and...
Where are the islands you can flood twice a year when you need them?
Yes and it's a good thing..
The epiphany is, with every opportunity passed up, life's possibilities narrow. Don't be funneled into a place where the light you see is ...not enlightening.
Live life as a participant not a spectator.
Don't be politically correct, be honest, otherwise you can never trust or be trusted...