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Can be found by leaving word at the tavern.
"What will you pay?"
"How badly do you wish it done?"
pale horse she calls Nuisance
Lozen is a product of nature. A child that was not supposed to have happened. She was born to a mother who denied the night she was conceived, denied her father his parental right. To go further, her mother hid any proof she'd given birth to a half breed, discarding her in the plains for the wolves to devour any sign she'd sinned.
So Lozen grew up among the people of the plains, having been cast aside by her mother and picked up by them. They did not accept her fully though every day of her life she strove for that acceptance.
Upon realizing she could not and would not ever achieve that level of acceptance she left them to find the world on her own.
She came to understand that acceptance was not an option for a hybrid and so quit striving for it, simply strove for her self preservation and did so by scouting for whoever paid the most, working as a mercenary soldier, guiding families through dangerous territories. If the pay is right she'll work for anyone - fighting, protecting, guiding, even killing if necessary.

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ice blue
suede clothes colored the darker shades of nature so she blends into the surrounding shadows.
Born of a human mother by a demon father who's yet to make himself known to her.
She is Lozen and as such allies to no one in particular but for the right price will work as a scout or guide for anyone.
does not stay in one place long enough to maintain a solid relationship and as a hybrid doesn't stand much of a chance at that either.
she was born alone and so assumes she will die alone