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This one is about verbal abuse.

If you been told you been a loser your whole life and wanted to tell people off for it, then do so. I promise you will feel better, cause those people don't realize you are worth a lot.

You are also gonna find self worth. It will increase your self esteem even if just a little bit. I love being in charge of my feelings but at one time I was called all kinds of names and they all made me cry.

So what did I do with one of them. When I was called E.T. Phone Home after a movie, I told my tutor why I was crying. She said ok tell them that you have Extra Talent and don't have to call home. That maybe they should. It worked for a while but then they said no You call home you are E.T. I said yes I am cause I have extra talent.

So I grew up. Those that teased me well they all apologized cause they were eventually teased. I learned so much. Those that bullies are also usually ones that has been hurt and know no other way that they take it out on others.

I think the point I am making here is when you are hurting fight back. But don't let those bullies take things out on you. Bullies take less pressure when you don't give in and say hey you know I know how you feel, I was also hurting then they say how?

You don't have to say much except I been there myself but I don't bully others as that is show you are weak. Then they will usually back down, but not always. They will often say prove it.

That when you show them the scars that show you were abused, then they will say wow. They then will say you are my friend. I will protect you.

There are other scars than the bruises you get from a beating and stuff like that.
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