Kitten (ChaoticKitten)

Kitten (ChaoticKitten)

Kitten (ChaoticKitten)
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New York
July 30
Huge movie buff. I love action and comedy flicks, for the most part. Music, more music, lots of music. Video games. Some of my favorites include: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Need For Speed, Killzone, The Sims, Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc.
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Aspiring pinup model. But for now, I'm a secretary.

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5' 4"
Light, baby blue
Raspberry red
My hair is constantly changing.
Whiter than white.


Although I don't read much, I've always enjoyed Anne Rice.
I love movies. Huge movie buff. To name just a few favorites would be difficult!
If I EVER watch anything, it's only old Whose Line Is It Anyway? re-runs.
Just about anything, except country, dubstep, and that screamo emo shit.
Hurt, Porcelain And The Tramps, Placebo, Orgy, Jem, Poe, Thornley, Muse, etc.
Italian Food.