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Wherever I am paid to be.
Fight battles, enjoy brawls.
Mercenary, soldier of fortune.
The very edge is my territory
Shrike, a great black charger. A warhorse supreme. Together since colt and child. Two minds, horse and man that could act as one in the heat of a battle.

Sharp as a razor, keen as a knife.

Carpe Jugulum (Go for the throat)

Claymore Excelsior was the son of the king's champion. During his childhood he progressed rapidly to become the leader of the small gang of children that roamed the palace grounds. His natural skill with weapons had many old timers nodding a head and declaring that one day he would take over his father's position.

Then one day while out playing he met a young girl in the gardens, and a sweet and innocent love developed between them, just the soft frindship of two children not yet old enough to know of what went on in the world.

She was the king's only daughter. The Crown Princess. When he found out he began calling her 'Prinny' and in turn she called him 'Exxy' and together they had many happy adventures. He still bears the scar to this day of when he manfully tried to get an apple for his little sweetheart and fell out of the tree. A curious shaped scar on his thigh where the broken branch stabbed him. The scar looking like a shark's head is very distinctive.

Then war came to the kingdom. The kings men were over run and outright savagery took the King's life and his faithful champion alongside him.

The children including Claymore and the little princess were carted off to unknown fates. Clay was sold as a slave to a man it turned ou was a weapon's master. Impressed by the little lad's skills he tutored him and came to think of him as a son. The master was a soldier for hire and Clay was carried along with this trade until he was old enough to become one himself. Now as a sword for hire he is in demand by many of the Warlords. Presently he is in the pay of one who spends most of his time on the battlefield. Which is fine by Clay. It makes him rich and feared.

Inside he still longs for those happier times as a child when he and his little Princess were enjoying life to the full.

His shield carries the XLCR sigils that announce his name and his trade as weapon's master.

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over 6 feet
close to 200lbs
dark, almost black
Plate armour over chain mail. Dark blue add-ons with a brown cape.

Black polished shield with the sigils XLCR across it to denote who is his.

Also a spear/lance, two handed broadsword, shorter one handed sword and an assortment of knives and daggers about his person.
None, but believes in the strength of a good right arm.
Local lad made good. Sort of.
Sliced up, all are equal.
Follow the stories.
None at the time of writing.
Carpe Jugulum