Captain (ussentrprise)

Captain (ussentrprise)

Captain (ussentrprise)
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location really matters
at my bank i go to the rate on my account is .25%, and if you get a loan its anywhere between 5% and 10% depending on the type of loan you get..
I am the captain of the Federation Starship U S S Enterprise NCC-1701 G Apex class
take us out of orbit mr sulu..ahead..warp factor 1.
I drive and captain a Federation Starship..The U S S Enterprise. Serial number NCC-1701 G, Apex class. 50 decks along with 10 Holodecks. The ship comes equipped with transphasic torpedos, plasma cannons, tri oscillating phaser banks, a blade of armor, and quantum slipstream drive technology. Crew of 750.
i am just a character..( so my wife likes telling me ;)

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well..i am afraid of them but i am getting therapy for it
i don't know what i should be weighting for..
i don't use eye wife does though on occasion
i don't get my hair colored..but my wife does
i would like to thank the fashion industry for supplying all of my clothing needs but i do not have any more comments to say to the press at this time
i have never been to Ethni City..but i'm sure its a nice place to live :)
was given to me by my i guess you could say i went to sweetpea 101 :)
i am married to a very pretty sweetpea :)
we do plan on having children in the future :)
1971 Human Being

Comes With 2 Legs On The Floor With Drive And A Mission. Dual Audio Reception With Keen Vision. Power To Steer And Power To Brake. Built In Air Conditioning And Can Easily Recline In A Front Bucket Seat..Best Offer


are the originators of any written work..which is something i have done online with my posts and i guess i am an author too :)
are nice to read..but to the making of books..there seems to be no end
are nice to read too..i like to read car and driver and consumer reports magazines myself personally..
are nice to read as well..but i don't read newspapers very much
i don't think i would really care to see a comic strip..
are something my wife likes to watch..and i like the film that is left over on clothing that comes out of the washer
are something my wife likes to watch..i just personally like to watch the channel guide while the tv is on mute
are people who are paid to pretend to be someone else in a dramatic production such as a movie or tv show..but there seem to be more and more people who want to be actors in real life now..which i don't think is a good thing personally..
i just typed "of music" on my typewriter..but i don't know why this would ask me to do that..
i like rubber bands and people who paint
my teacher used to call me and another kid when i was in school "sport" i guess that kid and i are "sports" in his eyes..
are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks
i like the fern gardens on the planet rigel 7
im on a seafood diet...whenever i seafood....i eat it