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December 3
I like to spend my time outdoors in the summer doing my gardening,camping, fishing, pretty much whatever I can do with my sons outside. In the winter I like to almost hibernate. I spend my time on the computer or watching tv or reading. I am a stay at home mom and my oldest is in school this year (Yea!)
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Right now I am a teacher, cook, police officer, chaufer, maid, nanny, technical support person, counselor, dietician, doctor, nurse, operator, alarm clock, butler, activity organizer, warden, and so much more I can't even say. I do this all for no pay, no sick days, no vacation days, no regular day off, no hope of advacement, it's a 24 hour a day plus job. I am a mommy and proud of it. I also work at mcdonalds as a glorified burger flipper and attend school at University of Phoenix for hospital administration with minors in managment and financing :)
If you don't like it change it . . .if you don't change it then shut up and deal with it . . .
Who honestly has time to be anyone other then what you are . . .if you are you your not wasting life . . .so i m me :)

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5ft 2
Rather not say
Depends on my mood when I buy the dye.
I like comfort over fashion any day of the week. I like big baggy sweatshirts and comfy jeans (levis) or comfy pants all winter long. In the summer its hippy skirts and tanks. I do dress up when I go out but usually even then I keep it pretty casual. I do like to where makeup and do something with my hair and stuff too. I'm just a big old comfort freak.
I have a very interesting view on religion. If your open minded enough to listen and stuff I'll tell you all about it, but just a warning I dont wanna hear that I am wrong, because to me god, the creator is #1.
I am this blue eyed white skinned girl, but I actually have some native american in me. My mom's dad was full blooded Black Foot Indian.
I hate the current political jumble that has come over our country. That is all I will try to say about politics.
Single . . .dont ask for more i m not dating thanks :)
My kids are my life :) I have three gorgeous lil treasures. . . my son chris is handfull but hes got a big enough heart i ll lead him through whatever he needs to be lead down . . hes six now and in first grade. jd is my four year old . . he just started school this year and is sooooo smart and adaptable to anything. And at the very end of july begining of august i added my lil jewel to my family my lil girl bella who is amazing and beatiful . .tough and strong like her mommy. Im so proud of my children and thank the heavens for the blessings they give me.
Hey . . I dont take pms . . but u can visit me in any of the following room