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Northern Michigan
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
"It's always a good day when you wake up on this side of the dirt."

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Don't you just hate how scales can lie
Depends on my mood - usually blonde
Black tie - I change the laces in my shoes to black.
Evening wear - my favorite pj's
Business wear - it's really no ones business what I wear.
Causual wear - most of the time
I ride tight with the Big Boomer & JC
French Hungarian
Fair treatment for all
Lost my knight in shining amour to a heart attack in 05'
One son serving 32 - 64 yrs
One son who passed from a heart defect in 07'
We are never handed anything in life that we cannot deal with. Everything and everyone has a purpose in our lives. I believe we are here until we have completed our TO DO list.


One Flew Over The Coo's Nest
Comedy's, History, Pretty much anything on the Animal Planet Station
Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Lucy, Julia Roberts