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I like to keep it simple really. Tee shirt and jeans is usually custom, unless the occasion calls for something else.
I am a Christian who follows some of the Jewish laws. Where that puts me, I'm not entirely sure. I simply believe, its all in black white and red. :)
I don't care for politics at all really. Never have, never will.
In a relationship with my darling, Roman. I know God will work things out.
I am a business owner running a graphic design company, that is based in New Zealand with a host country in Sweden. So that keeps me busy, since its in its infancy stages. Along with working full time.


Ocular Kraft
God, Sharon Jaynes, Derek Prince, Frank & Ida Hammond, Henry Blackaby, John Paul Jackson
The Bible, Needless Casualties of War, Unmasking the Jezebelle Spirit, Becoming a woman who listens to God, Pigs in the Parlor, A Guide to Deliverence, Spiritual Warfare, Gospel of Peace
Christian, Worship, Classical, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening