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5.Bynz'O'Shyynz (Thundr3d0g)
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20 feet (at the shoulder)
Varied (usually about two tons)
Glowing azure
Cerulean, Sapphire and Cobalt
Various luminescent/phosphorescent sea-life swim through his varied blue fur, changing colors at whim and setting the Water Dogs deluge-able coat aglow with alluring aquatic colors...
Benz is thought to have lairs in Neptune's kennels in Atlantis, Trident's realm within Lemuria, in Atlacamani's palace of storms, deep beneath the under sea mountain strongholds of Chalchiuhtlatonal, is very close friends with Gong Gong, get's on Hapy's nerves but still manages to placate the Egyptian water god, has been known to steal Namaka's gowns from time to time, and is generally on decent terms with most water/aquatic dieties he manages to contact and befriend...
Wishy Washy
Goes with his Flow
All wet