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san diego, ca
September 2
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
I’m the kinda girl who sings in the shower, talks to animals like they are people, packs way too much for a weekend trip, puts on a smile because people expect it, holds back her feelings because she’s been hurt too many times to count, hates mornings but will get up for a cup of coffee, acts tough but cries when she gets mad, says she isn’t ticklish when she really is, and wears her heart on her sleeve and hope no one rips it off and smashes it.

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5 FT
Auburn (reddish brown)
Comfy!! But i love my heels too!
Dont worry about it
50/50 mexican and white
Men Only!!
I'm not a violent person but i WILL slit your throat if you ever steal my cookie again!!

Just remember if we get caught i'm deaf and you don't speak english!!

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1 Gallon of attitude
3 Cups of sarcasm
2 TBSP of leave me the hell alone, and a generous cup of shut the fuck up!!!


Action, Thriller, Suspense
Law & Order , Sullivan and Son , The Glades , CSI, The Client List, Cougartown, Animal Cops
Pretty much anything
Breaking Benjamin, Flyleaf, Zac Brown Band, Kings of Leon , Disturbed
Oakland Raiders
Bora Bora is my goal!!!
Sushi , Mexican, Chinese