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4'11-but I clame 5ft.
You know how it goes
dk Blond- not the Dumb blond
Hay if It Fits, if It's Comfortable,
You like it,, Don't care what any
one else Thinks..
I am A Christian..
Happy- but haven't been active in a
While; Sorry Jesus, I just don't have
A ride to the Church...
Well Ok..
Yeah... ???
All I have to say Is.....
Go Any One but Obama...
If you can fix this Screwed up Nation
Well I am Straight..

I am a reborn Nun... Bahhahaa..
If you have any suggestions,,,
Please E-mail me.. Bahaha
I Have 2 adult Kids.
1 Daughter, So Awesome, She has 4 Kids,n She is a Home School Teacher to the Youngest.; n she has 2 Handicap Kids. n 1 is a Diabetic,. has been most of his life.. Now 13! (since he was 13mos old) Both of them are Autistic, n have other problems as well..

My Son Is Just as Awesome,,, He is a Dad of 2-- n He is in the Army... He has been in since he graduated from High School.. He did all of his schooling in the Army, so His is all schooled, for a Lg Motors Macanics Job!! He is getting anxious to Retire.. here in Aug.. n so am I ; hehe I may get to See my Grand daughters more often.. LOL oh n him too. lol.
A Personal Ad???
What do these Pple want me to do.. ?? Sell Myself?? Hello? NO I don't Think so,. NOT Me!

I will Say,, I Want to be a comedian When I grow up.. I love to see Peeps Laugh, and If I see some one who looks like they are having a bad day,. I will say some thing that just pops to my brain, n say it,
N if that does it.. Well I keep on going.. for I know I had Won them over.. But if the First time doesn't do it, I go at it a diffy way.. N by the time I am done with them.. I have ither made them smile,. Or I am cracking them UP!!
I love to go grocery Shopping, well some times when I want to get out.. I have about 5 girls.. I tell ya what.. they must have some kind of Stress going on,. Except for that certain Wednesday, I think they call Pay DAy! . But they all just stand there looking so tired n Drained of energy.. Then I pop up in between the girl's check out lines.. And I Would say some thing, and those girls would just start to roll.. Just a sec before it looked like they had came out of the funeral home or something you know?? I Live for that?? I don't know why.. I do it.. But My Daughter asked me,. Ma Why do you pick on those poor ladies like that?? I tell her,, Oh they live for me to come around.. Just ask em... and they were like OH yeah.. They told her.. When I show up,, and get em going It helps the rest of the day go by fast... hehe.. It is just some thing about me. But yes.. I enjoy making folks LOL..


All By Judy Bloom, Flowers in the Attic
Any Scrap booking
If they Make me Lol I Like em!
All John Cena's, 16 Candles, 10 things I hate bt' U
WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, Chrimnial Minds, Ghost Whispers
John Cena, Reece Weaterspoon
Some Country, Music I can understand, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers
John Cena, Blake Shelton, Reba, George Strate, Brono Mars
WWE-Wrestling, Baseball-go Cubs
Chicago Cubs, Chicago Wht Sox, Chicago Bulls
Atlantic Beach. Florida
Jif PeanutButter, Cheese Pizza, Many of TacoBells Items, Lots of others No Fish