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5' 10"
Whatever is comfy!!!
True believer in a higher power, one which I must answer to someday. Guess you could describe me as a self practicing Christian,
German / Dutch
In most cases astonished by the disgrace of the politicians and not trusting of any party. They are full of crooks, hard to figure which on to trust! Nuff said!!
Disoriented !! LOL
"Life is day to day, make more friends each day than the number who pass each day, and you will never run out" My personal quote!

Friends come in all shapes, colors, ages, and genders! Never judge the book by the cover!!

Time spent with friends go to your grave, time lost with them is forever lost ;(


Grease, Titanic
Sports of any kind, Deadliest Catch, Chasing Classic Cars, American Idol, Hells Kitchen
Andy Whitfiled RIP, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Lucy Loveless, Kieffer Sullivan, Robert DiNero, Cuba Gooding Jr.
Almost any music!!
Queen, Elton John, Shania Twain, Billy Joel, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Boston
NHL , Nascar, Indy, MLB, NFL, Poker, PGA Tour
Flyers, Phillies, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick
Bermuda, Nevada, New York, Puerto Rico, California, Florida, Outer Banks
Any and all!!