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Trust is kinda hard to come by thats why my circle is so small and tight.. I have trouble with making new freinds : eminim

Hell is not a place if you're not a Christian
It's the failure of your life's greatest ambitions
It's bad decision to blindly follow any religion
I dont see the difference in between the wrong and the wrong
Soldiers emptyin clips at little kids and their moms
Are Just like desperate mother fuckers strapped to a bomb
Humanitys gone smoke up in a gravity bong
Bt a Democrat repiblican Cgeech and Chong.


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Do Do Brown
Island Stylin.... Board Shorts, Slippers (flip flops as mainlanders call them) ... T Shirt (Optional)
Is not religious ... Is Spiritual..
Dont do Politics.... They all lie cheat and steal your rights away..
Thats to personal to share....


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