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October 18
The gym, boating, meeting new friends, riding my bike, long power walks, hiking, the mountains, movies, reading a good book
I have a job

If you want to chat with me try using whole words

No I am not into phone or cyber sex

You don't need to know the color or style of my panties

You don't need to know the size of my tits

No the grass isn't cut

It puzzles me how some men ( Notice I didn't say all ) in this room can type and play with their little dicks at the same time
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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5' 7"
You have got to be joking
Very Green
Dresses, Skirts, Tank tops, jeans , shorts, business suits
I believe in something
American Indian, Dutch, French,
Are you looking for a fight
Straight, which means LESBOS don't bother
Just ended a long relationship
Not in this lifetime


Sandra Brown
Mostly Romantic
Twlight Series, Titanic, Driving Ms Daisy
I believe they call it Elevator Music
Josh Groban, Yanni, Andrea Bocelli
Hawaii, Europe, and I've been to a few states