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felix (johnny_cat)
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5' 9"
i like style but often prefer casual attire ... blue jeans and shirt:)
who ever is best for the job at the time.:)
widower, 9 years later..i met the most wonderful woman, by the name of Cassie. I fulfilled a promise to my late wife...to never be alone again, and i have found that happiness in Cassie.
one daughter from my first marriage.


stephen king, agatha christie
ten little indians, the raven
cars and cycles, sports illustrated, etc.
news paladium, etc.
nancy, blondie and dogwood, etc.
wow! there r so many.. lol, a star is born, grease, ghost, a officer and a gentleman, etc.
the 60's shows and many of the newer ones...kojac, cheers etc.
dustin hoffman, clint eastwood, charles bronson, etc.
soft rock, country, etc.
air supply, eric clapton, a lot of the oldies, three dog night, bread, etc.
boxing, weight lifting, racing etc.
dallas cowboys
sedona, az. hawaii, florida etc.
steak, potatoes, almost all fruits and veggies etc.