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no fashion sense
Some....unless you are extremely well versed in history....and ready to defend your position with logical....(not because God said so)... arguments, you may want to consider skipping this conversation with me.
politicians are idiots
married to a great woman for many years
yeah, I got 'em, but they are a pain in the ass, I don't recommend them unless you have tons of extra patience, and shitloads of money you don't care about.
Ok, many have ask me about my nickname. King Snefru was the first Pharoh of the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. King Snefru was a kind and benevolent leader of his people. He was the first person to build a geometrically correct pyramid, and his son and grand son built the great pyramids at Giza. (Kufu and Khafra) He was one of the very first world leaders to promote trade with countries outside of his own, He built a fleet of boats, and sent them to what is now Lebanon, to trade goods with them in exchange for timber, which even in that time, Egypt had very little of. The reason I chose this name is because I am a builder too, and I admire his initiative. After several failed attempts at building a pyramid, he finally got it right. Snefru is also my Dachshunds name. He is the best dog on this planet.