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Pennsylvania, USA

Chat me up on Windows Live Messenger is my ID I use this one the most. is my 2nd ID

I am not looking for sex. Just a good conversation. So if sex is your objective just skip me. : ) Thank you.
March 18
Learning as much as possible. Music of many types. Taking walks, cooking, being with family and friends. I love laughing and being social. Helping others as much as they will allow me to.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
In order to live a good quality life, you must be a good quality person. To find good quality people, you have to be in a good situation. Negative energy generally attracts the same. So don't get caught up in it or dwell in it for too long.
My legs

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5'8 I am 32 years old
Fat, just not round and sloppy. Thank you DNA for the shape of my body to carry this weight well LoL
Medium blonde red highlights
Spring-Summer dresses and anything comfortable Cami-soles and athletic wear
Not just any one religion. I have many feelings on what I believe.
Right is right and wrong is wrong. There are shades of grey and two sides to everything.
In a relationship.
I try my best to do right by others and always strive to be perfect even though I know I'm not. Honesty love sincerity respect depth and passion are what I possess and want mutually in others. In every way.