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With or without heels?
Perfect by MY standards
Usually dark brown with some blonde but that can change just as fast as I change my mind.
Clothes do not make the woman but they do have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which does make the woman.

Keep your heels, head & standards high.

Balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.
I believe in God.

“All religions lead to the same God, and all deserve the same respect. Anyone who chooses a religion is also choosing a collective way for worshipping and sharing the mysteries. Nevertheless, that person is the only one responsible for his or her actions along the way and has no right to shift responsibility for any personal decisions on to that religion.”
~Paulo Coelho
Human....what a silly question!
I believe in people.

I believe that, if given the opportunity, most people can rise to handle nearly any situation.

I believe it's our duty to give people as many opportunities as possible. To improve not only their lives, but the lives of those around them, and of people in general.

I believe that doing the right thing is something the vast majority of us will do, when a choice presents itself between doing right and doing wrong.

I believe that, while altruism does have a certain element of self-service to it, it's still to our benefit as a society to encourage it whenever possible.

I believe that we have an obligation to treat others with respect for their basic human dignity, even if we may not agree with everything they are or everything they do.

I believe that we can get past a lot of our differences by realizing that our basic needs are the same as any other person's.

I believe that government has a duty to protect the vulnerable from abuse by organizations that have no particular interest in anything but turning a profit.

I believe that America should lead by example, not attempt to bully other nations into capitulation to our demands.

I believe that war is a failure of diplomacy.

I believe that justice is a worthwhile goal, and we should never compromise justice for expediency.

I believe that almost everyone can be redeemed.

I believe in people.
Yes, I have been oriented.
No thank you!