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Near Buffalo in Niagara Falls Canada
March 11
I'm into weight training and working out hard 6 days a week in the gym. I love to travel and see new places.
I want it when I want it and when I want it I want it now
2013 300
If you dont have a full profile I wouldn't chat with. you...if you ask ASL or something dumb like it I'll egg you.

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130 or pretty close
blue sometimes gray
red and sometimes red too
Love to dress nice but not like a slut. I wear what i like
Ive never had sex in the Orient
single Bi-sexual
Love to
I'm happy doing what I do. I date only fit men and women like me, I know it sounds shallow but why should I settle for second best when your getting the best with me.


Dan Brown
Lord of the Rings, the five people you meet in heaven, the help, angels are real
Ring Mag, US
dont read main stream new
Walk in the Clouds, Yentel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Shake Hands With The Devil
walking dead, History Channel, L word, CSI any, Grays
Russell Crowe
Country Rock, Blues, Pop, some oldies
The Mavricks, Rod Steward, Pink, Madonna
Boxing, MMA
Blue Jays
island of Koz, Italy, Cuba, Spain
5 meals a day