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Ryan (RyanMorales)

Ryan (RyanMorales)
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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
December 24
Haunted houses
Scuba diving
Anything to do with a beach
Purple velvet cake
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Set design manager and prop design for dreamworks productions we do more then cartoons.
You couldn't even lace my chuck taylors on your best day.

Even through the darkest days... this fire burns always

Nevermore to be cast aside...this day is mine

I didn't sell out....I bought in !

Sometimes Its me against the world .. and you know what I don't mind that. Its the way I like it .
2017 Ford Fusion
Doesn't matter if you like me or not. Because at the end of the day you aren't the one making my life happy daily. You cant bring me down and you wont change me.

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around 235
Simple stuff
Beach time is perfect.. beach gear !
Anything Black
Its what you choose it to be .. open your mind
Our voices haven't been heard yet !
We the people !
Brunette's Rock !
Get You Some Of That !
Can we adopt zombie children ? Is that legal ? If so can I get a couple of them ? Do they need to be potty trained ? Do they do family photos ?
This Space for rent... contact Delphi for more details !