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Blonde but keep changing
I love to dress for the occasion. Formals to work and dress for special occasion in most decent manner, hiding my devil in me!! jk
More than religion I respect human beings
How does that matter in chat? Will you not talk to me if I am from stone age?
Last priority to ever discuss, only when I have nothing else to discuss on my list.......that is very rare.
Bi and more bended towards girls
Divorced and loving my freedom
Not that I know off.

I doubt that seriously coz I never leave behind a trail....hope you got it!! lol
Try me but make sure i am carrying my check book!!!


Anything will do for me but it has to be interesting
Generally like to read books, articles related to my work
Fobes, Cosmopolitian
My day is incomplete without Newspaper
Have grown up for comic strips
Drama, Suspense, Romantic...anything but it should be good enough to stop me from leaving midway
Not a couch patato
Gorge Coolney all the way
Intrumental, Rock and sometimes Country
Many to write...roger whittaker is my all time favourite
Swimming and cycling...just love it
Love Indian curries and anything spicy