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snakeskin and loin cloth
I believe
right of center but not on all issues
Here's to us, Cornflake (the most awesome person I've ever known) HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS

Embrace the art of Doucebaggery:
Douchebag may refer to: A device used to administer a douche. A pejorative term for an arrogant or obnoxious person.

Life is too short, be happy and practice the power of positive thinking.

Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that. – Ally Condie

Bob Marely- Rastaman vibration, yeah! Positive!


A song, A dance
A laugh, A tear
A month, A year
Tested, Yet enduring

Simple, yet profound

International Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion 1991

Blues is the Heart and Soul of the entire music Industry.

Waylon Jennings: Cowboys ain't easy to love and they're harder to hold, they'd rather give you a song than diamonds and gold.

Thank you for this song, Corn Flake

High Five on this people!

My Vote,Keith Richards for President of Rock and Roll

I like Outlaw Shit

Slim Britches Mafia

I got a truck full of stuff, shoot up in there last week, got the Kentucky Fried Blues. Now tell me that ain't kick ass :) I like to eat fried chiggin and lick the grease off my fingers, finger licking good. A southern thing I suppose, work for me haha

Greatest invention in the history of mankind, The electric guitar. Followed by the wheel and penicillin ha-ha

Biggest turn of in people: people with an over-inflated sense of self worth.

The mystery of mankind is not origination but mores so how F##### up mankind is....human history is littered with so many dreadful awful things, and history always seems to repeat itself.

I like to escape the pressures and stresses of life by watching old episodes of Scooby Doo...well, I made that up but it does sound like an awesome idea.

This is what awesome voodoo is like

Otis Redding:
These arms of mine
They are lonely
Lonely and feeling blue
These arms of mine
They are yearning
Yearning from wanting you
And if you
Would let them hold you
Oh, how grateful I will be
These arms of mine
They are burning
Burning from wanting you
These arms of mine
They are wanting
Wanting to hold you
And if you
Would let them hold you
Oh, how grateful I will be
Come on, come on, baby
Just be my little woman
Just be my lover, oh
I need me somebody
Somebody to treat me right
Oh, I need your warm, loving arms to hold me tight
And I, I, I need, I need your, I need your tender lips too, oh
Hold me
Tell me when I'm lyin'
Baby, baby


Mad Magazine, The Weekly Standard
1950's rock n roll, Motown, Stax Records, Blind Pig Records, outlaw country, classic rock, blues, red dirt country, punk, Heavy Metal, New Rocking Country, Southern Rock, coffee house tunes
Elvis, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Ted Nugent, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels, CCR, Guns n Roses, Linda Ronstadt, The Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Danzig, The Cars, Sam Cooke, Turnpike Troubadours, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Puddle Of Mudd, John Cougar , frankie valli and the four seasons, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Waylon Jennings, Motorhead, Buddy Guy, Billy Squire, the B52's, ZZ Top, Old REO Speedwagon, Sass Jordaan, Popa Chubby, Clarence Carter, Tesla, Nirvana, Little Milton, Tora Tora, Old Van Halen, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Beattles, Led Zepplin, The Bloodhound Gang, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Donnas, Sena Ehrahardt
football, baseball, basketball
49ers, yankees, celtics
I've been lots of places
fried chiggin, grilled cheese, steak and titties