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Mercy (mercy164)

Mercy (mercy164)
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I bit of everything. I like to mix it up, but at heart I am a Rock & Roll girl.
7th Day Adventist
1 daughter adult age


Stephen King, Deen Koontz, James Patterson, Truman Capote
Real Simple, TV Guide, Reader's Digest
The Conjuring 1 & 2, Girl on the Train
Poldark, How to Get Away With Murder, Empire, The Exorcist, Holiday Baking Champoinship, Masterpiece, Janet King, 19-2, Master Chef, Chopped
Old R and B, Rock, Funk, Alternative
Led Zeppelin, NIN, James Brown, Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd
American Ninja Warrior, Baseball
Europe, Anywhere : )
Italian, Seafood, Thai