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In front of my computer!
February 29
Most music ~ Television ~ Films ~ Watching (some) sports ~ Spending time with friends ~ Having a laugh.
I don't work - I was born disabled
Don't touch me, I'm not broken ~ I'm just me!
And one of these is!?

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Tall enough
Never ask a girl how heavy she is!
A fig leaf borrowed from Eve
It's all about the ladies. I'm gay guys, so I'm not interested. Bother someone who is!
Before PM'ing me make the effort to complete the basic details on your profile. I don't expect a long profile but a profile with no information on is liking reading a book typed in invisible ink. Make the effort, please!

Oh and please don't whisper to me ...


Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Airplane!, Back to the Future films, Sixth Sense, Usual Suspects, Great Escape
True life documentaries , Crime
All (well mainly), No bananas , No coriander (cilantro), No cinnamon