Gnome (RobertWelch)

Gnome (RobertWelch)

Gnome (RobertWelch)
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Phoenix, AZ
May 24
I enjoy riding as often as I can.
I enjoy time spent with my daughter when she is over, especially when we got out for a ride on the scoot.
I don't mind working in the yard, trying to grow things in the garden but that skill has a long way to go.
I like to BBQ and smoke meat.

I'm here to read and learn and read some more.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
Help Desk
2008 Electra Glide Ultra Classic

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I have no statement to make, I wear what works for me and the environment I am in.
I believe in God
They're all puppets.
I love my wife!
A married dude.
I have a daughter who had her cycle endorsement before her cage license.


Michael Crichton
Drudge Report
They Live
Don't watch TV
It's all a distraction from the real problems
Parker, AZ