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Kenny (HosemanMS)
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Kosciusko, MS
September 29
Hunting, fishing, watching movies, TV shows, pantyhose for men.
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
Security Officer
"You'll never know what I was thinking before you came around. Take a step, take a breath, put your guard down. I cannot worry anymore what you think of me. I may be crazy, but I'm BURIED in your memory!" - Creed "Overcome"
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I've always wondered what this is.

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Mostly t-shirt and blue jeans. I will go out in public occasionally wearing a pair of khaki or green shorts with matching shirt and a pair of suntan or nude color pantyhose! I hope one day that us men who choose to where hosiery for whatever reason will be accepted in our society..... Yeah, I wear support pantyhose for leg cramps and muscle aches. I know I could use cream and stuff, but that stuff's messy, it stinks and I like pantyhose a lot better...... I just choose NOT to hide it. Why hide it? People who wear glasses don't hide that, do they? Someone with a broken arm or leg don't hide their cast, do they? So, GO ahead, judge me ALL you want...... Be a part of the judgmental, stereotypical society, you ain't gonna bother me, but I'ma tell you something....... An article of clothing does NOT determine a person's sexuality! Anybody don't like looking at me wearing pantyhose, you can kiss my butt and go look at someone else's profile!! LOL
I humbly serve God..... Christian
I voted for Donald Trump, but I don't pay much attention to politics.
100% female-lover!
Single........ Again.
One beautiful 8 year old daughter that lives with my ex-wife.
Ain't advertising nothin' here.


Steven King
Salem's Lot, Pet Semetery, The Green Mile, Christine
Back to the Future, Independence Day, Saw, Star Wars saga, A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Mission: Impossible saga, Fast and Furious movies..... Tons more.
Supernatural, Supergirl, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU
Michael J. Fox, Will Smith, Robert Englund
Post-grunge, rock, classic rock, southern rock., Oldies
Creed, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, The Monkees, Sister Hazel, Nickelback
NFL: Green Bay Packers. College: MS State Bulldogs
What's a vacation?
Pizza, Chinese, Mexican and good old, down-home southern comfort food!

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