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Troutdale, Oregon but grew up in Dayton Oregon. Currently living with my sister and her family.
February 4
I like writing, cooking, nutrition, netflix, music, and chatting online with friendly, open minded people.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
I watch my sisters 4 kids while she works. I do this at least 4 days a week from the time we wake up till dinner time. I clean up after them, feed them, get them off to school, love and snuggle them, nurse them back to good health when they are sick, read with them and correct their homework, and everything in between. Its a difficult task but I love my job because I love this little guys in an measurable amount. Even when it's stressful, I know they love me too and it makes everything better.
If I leave I'll lose you; if I stay, I'll lose myself.

If you can't draw a crowd, draw dicks on the wall.

If you spend your whole life trying to be someone else, who's going to be you?
I can't drive. I am legally blind in both eyes without correction. Don't be sorry for me; I'm not. I look at it as a gift in disguise. I was meant to be the way I am. This is onl one of my many Design Flaws...

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Casual, comfortable, affordable... I'm not into fashion. I do wear women's clothes on occasion, but never anything fancy and I don't wear make up. Most of the time tho I dress as a male. I wear a sports bra or something to hide my bewbs.
I believe in God and he believes in me...
I am white, but skin color and race doesn't matter to me. People are people no matter what color they are.
Ani abortion, pro civil rights... the rest doesn't matter. I am open to the beliefs of others as long as they don't try to change who I am.
Proudly Gay (Not a lesbian), and Proudly Transgender. I am technically ftm or female to male but I hate that term because it implies that I have not always been a male. The way I see it is that I have always been male in my heart and sou, in spite of the body I was born into. I also believe that I was meant to be transgendered. I was meant to learn a lesson in my journey, though I am not yet clear on that lesson. All I have to do is look at my son and I know he is reason enough to believe.
It's complicated...
12 yr old son
Get to know me before you judge the me that you see on the surface.