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If That is Important.. Just go to the Gas Station hang a Right, Go down till you see The $ Dollar Store.. That is my home away from home.. hehe, Are you sorry you asked??? Bahaha..
July 6
Some Christian Music by No Mercy..

Any Thing I can understand the Words to. 60s music.. you know,,

Photography, n Creating Signatures, or other wise know as Taggies.
My Grand Kiddos all 6 of them.. n My Fur Babies...
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Self employed; I create *Signatures* for folks E-mails n Other stuff..
Tell the Truth.. n The Truth will set you free.. N

Yippie KiYeah..
My Cane n my Walker...
I don't know what RPG stands for but I know my favie Character is John Cena!!! *Big Smiles* Oh and I can not forget Tigger, n Stitch.. Love em Both.. hehe

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