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I hope that you and yours have fun during the weekend. xoxoxo
Online trivia, gardening, card making, and other types of crafting.


Hey, I'm a "chick"! What can I say? lol
"These pretzels are making me thirsty!" No, it's not my personal quote. But, can you tell me which tv show I'm quoting? And which character?
WTG! Foxdawg got it right!!
Which mammal has the shortest gestation period? How long is it?
What will you win?? Just the recognition of your peers, a ticker tape parade, and a trivia trophy made out of legos.
RPG? Red, Purple, Green?
RPG? Rather Pretty Girl?
RPG? Round Peg, ???
I have no idea. LoL

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I dress casually most of the time.
I like to wear Essie's Seaglass Nail Lacquer.
I'm white.
I am red, white and true blue. But, there's enough politics on television. I'm just here to play trivia.
I'm married.
Placing an ad: LOST: One candy dish. Sentimental value. You can keep the candy.


Anne Tyler, J.A.Jance
10 Cloverfield Lane
Downton Abbey, Mad Men
I like a lot of actors and actresses both from the Golden Age of Hollywood and those appearing in current movies.