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Salon Steam Straightener vs. Regular Straightener

The time has gone when people wasted their money in the salon as we now have salon hair straightener - betterdaystore at reputed online stores among which Better Day is the leading one. The device is completely and for operating it you are required to become a professional beautician. This machine works on any type of hairs like dull, fussy or damage hairs etc. If you buy this hair straightener then you’ll be fully capable to get different hairstyles and you can also curl, straighten, and flip your hair. If you have no time to visit the parlors frequently then this device is really made for them.

It’s important to understand the differences as well as the similarities to regular Straightener before you choose them.

1. You place dry hair in between two plates which are covered with ceramic bristles and gently pull the tool through your hair, Steam Straightener work in a similar fashion to regular Straightener. The only difference is the plates have distinct bristles that act like a brush, rather than the flat plates on your regular Straightener.

2. Steam Straightener use steam technology derived from the water, rather than heating up ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates, in the chamber to deliver heat.

3. You need to top the chamber up with water every 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Traditional hair Straightener is faster and can cope with more hair with each pass while in case of steam straightened it takes longer to straighten a full head of hair as you can only place a small amount of hair in between its plates at a time.

5. The results are similar to a high-quality, traditional hair Straightener and there are no “hot spots” on the plates.

Use Straightener gently, never overstuff the plates with hair and always use a good heat protecting spray as hair benefits from a barrier between high temperatures. When it comes to how safe these steam straighteners are, then to your knowledge don’t keep going over and over sections of hair, as this means you keep administering heat. Like any heated hair tool, if used properly, they won’t damage your hair. But you do need to take care of your hair and not just rely on your hair tool. Use a low heat setting if you have dry, colored or damaged hair.