GoatBeard (OuchPotato)

GoatBeard (OuchPotato)

GoatBeard (OuchPotato)
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I wear all black, not because I'm paying my respects to humanities inevitable and violent demise due to its own hubris, but because I'm a lazy bastard who can only be bothered to do one load of laundry once a week. I keep things simple.
Whenever I'm in a state of peril, I do what our ancestors did; I make up a God and pray to it.
Grab you clubs ladies and gentlemen, because we're off to beat this dead horse once again!
Sexually, I identify as an attack helicopter.
Fuck you
I only like the crunchy ones.
I'm your friendly neighborhood cynic and optimistic nihilist. My inability to take anything seriously stems from my acceptance of impermanence and the inevitable death and destruction of everything in this world, and indeed, the entire universe. While this is depressing to weaker individuals, I find this outlook quite liberating because I can take comfort in the fact that everyone I hate is living a futile existence.

If you have been paying attention thus far, it should not come as a surprise that I am quite sardonic as well as honest. So if I call you a "King/Queen of the bile pit," don't take it personally.